Social Work 680

SOWK 680: Special Topic Seminar

Prerequisite: Graduate standing and permission of instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

An intensive study of a specialized area in human services. Topics will be determined by the instructors based upon demonstrated student interest.

Note(s): Special topics courses may be elected for no more than nine semester hours of credit. May be taken a maximum of three times.


Detailed Description of Course Syllabus

This course will examine in detail an area or specialized field related to practice in human service agencies. Examples of subjects that might be offered are: Families in Stress, Crisis Intervention, Grantsmanship and Proposal Writing, Woman’s Issues in the Professions, Training and Staff Development, and Family Therapy.

Student will do intensive research in one of these areas and be exposed to the research and expertise of the instructor in relation to the area of study.



Review and Approval
February 1999 Course number change