Social Work 200

SOWK 200: Introduction to Professional Practice

Credit Hours: (3)

Introduces the various fields and issues related to the helping professions with an emphasis on social work. Focuses on the academic, legal, and professional requirements, culture, knowledge base, ethical issues and history of the helping professions.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Focus on professional parameters of credentials and knowledge bases. Exploration of fields of practice, professional values and issues and understanding of special populations.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students complete projects for presentation. Introspective assignments are also completed. This course will be taught utilizing a variety of teaching techniques. Lecture-discussion will be emphasized. In-class exercises and outside projects will be utilized when appropriate.


Goals and Objectives of Course

1. To introduce the knowledge base of professional practice in relation to:

            a. human behavior in the social environment;
            b. social welfare policies and issues;
            c. special populations;
            d. research;
            e. professional practice skills;
            f. diversity;
            g. social justice;
            h. values and ethics;
            i. Field instruction.

2. To provide an overview of the historical background of the helping professions, and human services specifically.
3. To introduce the student to the concept of values and the values of helping professions.
4. To introduce the many agencies and fields of practice that relate to
5. To provide the student with the opportunity to review the events and forces in their life to date, to relate them to the concepts taught in the course, and to develop self awareness.
6. To acquaint the student with the concept of generalist practice and basic interventive methods.
7. To provide information and an opportunity for the student to test out on a self-select-out basis his/her interest in the human services.


Assessment Measures

Student progress in achieving course goals and objectives may be measured in a variety of ways, Including writing assignments, participation in a variety of experiential exercises, assignments, and oral presentations.


Other Course Information


Review and Approval

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