Applied Health Physical Therapy 848

AHPT 848:  Pharmacology
Prerequisite: AHPT 824 or permission of the Department
Credit Hours: (2)

Pharmacology is the study of drugs with an emphasis on how drugs affect physical therapy. The course will cover pharmacotherapeutics about specific drugs that are used to prevent, treat, or diagnose disease; Pharmacokinetics to understand how the body handles a drug including differences for different age groups and health circumstances; and pharmacodynamics for what a drug does to the body including side effects. Pharmacology is fundamental for disease management as well as appreciating medical health and wellness. This course prepares students for their second and third clinical experiences.

Detailed Description of Course


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course content may be presented by lecture, guest speakers, written assignments, small group interactions, and student oral presentations.

Goals and Objectives of this Course

Will require students to:

1) Describe the basic mechanism of drug action, including the concepts of receptor sites, drug antagonism, tolerance, allergic reaction, idiosyncrasy, and drug intolerance; 2) Discuss drug absorption and metabolism; 3) Describe routes of administration of drugs; 4) Describe the nature of prescription vs. nonprescription drugs and the legal restraints involved; 5) Demonstrate familiarity with commonly prescribed drugs for selected conditions and observable effects in patients commonly seen by physical therapists in the clinical setting; 6) Analyze the problems associated with prescription drugs and the elderly; 7) Examine the role of the physical therapist in applying drugs, such as phonophoresis and iontophoresis and describe how side effects and reactions can be monitored; 8) Determine the role of the physical therapist in relationship to the direct access environment, and the likelihood of requesting specific medications for use by patients.

Assessment Measures

May include but limited to:

Examinations  and  written assignments

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April 30, 2018

February 10, 2014