Occupational Therapy 630

OCTH 630: Level I Fieldwork in Behavioral Health/Intellectual Disabilities

Prerequisite:  Successful completion of OCTH 620, 622, 624, 626, and 628 or permission of the Chair

Credit Hours: (4)

A part-time (16 hours per week) placement in an accredited facility which provides behavioral health services or programs for adults with intellectual disabilities.  Students are supervised on-site by a credentialed education or health professional.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

Students provide services to clients off campus, under the supervision of a credentialed education or health-care professional.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The Director of Clinical Education will schedule part-time placements in appropriate facilities (with which the department has a Memorandum of Agreement) in Southwest Virginia.  Students will be assigned to the facilities in pairs or small groups.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The goals of Level I Fieldwork are to introduce students to the fieldwork experience, to apply knowledge to practice, and to develop understanding of the needs of clients.  At the end of this placement, students will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of concepts of human behavior underlying the practice of occupational therapy;
  2. Work with professional personnel to provide training in self-care, self-management, home management and community and/or work integration;
  3. Work with professional personnel to provide developmental, remedial and compensatory activities to address cognitive, sensory and behavioral skills;
  4.  Work with professional personnel to modify environments and adapt processes to fit client needs;
  5. Apply therapeutic use of self as part of the therapy process in both individual and group interaction;
  6. Interact through written, oral and nonverbal communication with the client, and family, other health providers and the public in a professionally acceptable manner;
  7. Use sound judgment in regard to safety of self and others, and adhere to safety regulations throughout the occupational therapy process.


Assessment Measures

Students will assess their own professional development, using a Professional Development Assessment form.  On-site Level I supervisors will complete the same form, provide feedback to the student, and forward the form to the Director of Clinical Education.  The Director of Clinical Education will assign a letter grade for the course based on the on-site supervisor's rating.


Other Course Information


Review and Approval

February, 2009