Nursing 802

NURS 802: Synthesis and Evaluation of Evidence-Based Data for Advanced Practice Nurses        

Prerequisite:  NURS 800; or permission of instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

Building upon basic statistics and research methods, this course will apply data principles to evidence based practice situations for Advanced Practice Nurses (APNs). Emphasis is on the practical application of design techniques, data analysis, and interpretation to guide clinical practice. Includes integration of appropriate technologies to focus on outcomes of interest for APNs.

Detailed Description of Content of the Course Content

1.Techniques for appraisal of literature and other data information sources.
2.Use of data sets, biostatistics, and epidemiological information to answer clinical research questions.
3.Presentation strategies to disseminate findings from analysis of evidence-based data sources to improve healthcare outcomes.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

May include: lecture, faculty/student directed discussions, class participation, reading assignments, computer exercises, and written work. Because the course is online, audio or video presentations/lectures, discussion boards, chat rooms and other instructional technology strategies may be used.

Goals and Objectives of this Course

Upon completion of this course, the student will have the knowledge and skills to:
1.Use analytic methods to critically appraise and synthesize literature and other data information sources to determine the best evidence for practice.
2 Use information technology and research methods appropriately to:
    a Collect appropriate and accurate data to generate evidence for nursing practice
    b Inform and guide the design of databases that generate meaningful evidence for nursing practice
    c.Analyze data from practice
    d.Predict and analyze outcomes
    e.Examine patterns of behavior and outcomes
    f.Identify gaps in evidence for practice
3.Evaluate and disseminate findings from analysis of evidence-based data sources to improve healthcare outcomes.

Assessment Measures

May include but are not limited to:  class participation, presentations, computer exercises, written papers, quizzes, and tests

Other Course Information


Review and Approval

Approved: April 2010