Nursing 732

NURS 732: Advanced Family Nursing: Children’s Health

Prerequisite: NURS 710, NURS 712, NURS 713, NURS 716 and concurrent with NURS 733; or permission of faculty

Credit Hours: (3)

This course focuses on the development of clinical decision making and other skills needed to deliver primary health care to children and adolescents and their families in diverse settings. Emphasis is on health promotion and prevention and assessment, diagnosis and management of common acute and chronic health problems for children and adolescents, families, groups, and populations. Theories and research in growth and development, genetics, health and behavioral sciences, and best practices are explored.

Detailed Description of Content of the Course

1.  Newborn
            a. Normal
            b. Common Problems
2.  Health Promotion/Prevention for Children/Adolescents (individuals, families, groups, and populations).
3.  Health Policy related to Children & Families
4.  Child Health Issues
            a. Developmental Concepts: Infancy, Early Childhood, Middle Childhood,     
            b. Adolescent Development and Health Concerns
            c. Parenting
            d. Health concerns related to developmental periods
            e. Health concerns in child/adolescent populations (including immunization practices)
5.  Health Problems by body system
            a. Infection:  general concepts             
            b. Respiratory
            c. Cardiac
            d. Hematologic
            e.  Gastrointestinal
            f.  Genitourinary
            g. Skin problems
            h. Musculoskeletal
            i.  Neurological
            j.  Endocrine
            k. Genetic
4. Child Health Issues
            a. Nutrition
            b. Safety
            c. Adolescent Development and Health Concerns
            d. Parenting
            e. Functional areas:  Nutrition, sleep, developmental assessment, behavior, habits
5.  Child Mental Health, Violence and Abuse
6.  Frameworks for evidence based advanced nursing practice for children/adolescents

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This on line course may include but is not limited to faculty and students led seminar discussions, lectures, guest speakers, case studies, reading assignments, written projects and other teaching-learning strategies as appropriate. Because the course is online, audio or video presentations/lectures, discussion boards, chat rooms and other instructional technology strategies may be used.

Goals and Objectives of this Course
Course Upon completion of this course, the student will:
1. Synthesize theories and research in nursing, growth and development, behavior, genetics and other related health sciences to promote health, prevent illness and injury in children, adolescents, families, groups, and populations.
2. Integrate advanced nursing knowledge necessary to diagnose, treat, and provide nursing management of common acute and chronic conditions and situational hazards in children/adolescents.
3. Evaluate clinical data and therapeutic options to determine effective nurse practitioner management, collaborative management with other disciplines, and/or appropriate referral.
4. Develop a theory/evidence-based conceptual framework to guide advanced nursing practice with children/adolescents, families, and groups.
5. Examine health care policy issues that impact the health of children/adolescents, families, groups, and populations.
6. Evaluate the health status of children as individuals and in families and groups.
7. Design interventions to improve the delivery of health care to children in diverse settings.
8. Evaluate relevant research findings for application in clinical management of children’s health and illness.
9. Analyze the major health concerns affecting children/adolescents.

Assessment Measures

May include but are not limited to:   Case studies; exams, quizzes; student presentations, written projects.

Other Course Information


Review and Approval

Approved:  April 2010