Communication Sciences and Disorders 416

COSD 416: Topics in Speech-Language-Hearing

Credit Hours: (3)

Specialized knowledge in speech-language pathology and/or audiology relevant to the prevention, assessment and/or intervention for communication disorders will be offered. Topics will vary, but may include speech and language disorders, central auditory processing disorders, and cognitive disorders.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course is designed to provide students with specialized knowledge in specific areas of speech-language pathology and/or audiology. In particular, areas requiring additional knowledge or special considerations for prevention, assessment and/or intervention will be covered. Topics may include voice disorders, fluency disorders, articulation and phonological disorders, language disorders, central auditory processing disorders, cognitive disorders, classroom acoustics, surgical and medical intervention and treatment of hearing disorders, hearing aids, cochlear implants, as well as other professional issues.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Teaching strategies employed will vary according to the topic under consideration. Methods include lecture, discussion, presentations by related professionals, and video/audio presentations.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students will demonstrate comprehension and knowledge of applications in topics in speech-language pathology and/or audiology including

  • the etiologies and anatomical, physiological, acoustic, psychological, developmental, linguistic and cultural characteristics of various speech and language disorders and disorders involving cognitive aspects of communication such as attention, memory, and sequencing
  • prevention, assessment, and intervention for people with disorders of speech, language, and/or hearing and cognitive aspects of communication


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures will vary depending on the topic covered. Measures may include oral presentations, written assignments, papers, and examinations.


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