Theatre 480

THEA 480: Film Theory and Criticism

Prerequisites: THEA 180

Credit Hours: (3)

The study of critical thought in the cinematic arts from its inception to current times.

Detailed Description of Course

A survey of film theory and criticism focusing on Auteurism, Class, Expressionism, Formalism, Genre, Gender, Narratology, Neorealism, Phenomenology, Post Structuralism, Psychoanalysis, Realism, Semiology, Structualism, and Third Cinema.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Class method will consist of assigned and assisted viewings, readings, guest and faculty lectures.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. Students will understand and be able to use the basic vocabulary of the cinematic theory and criticism.
2. Students will understand the interrelationship between the wide range of film theories.
3. Students will understand how to apply these theories to the analysis of works of cinematic art.
4. Students will learn about the evolution of, as well as the current trends in, critical thought.

Assessment Measures

Final grades in this class will be based on examinations, participation and a final project in which the student will analyze cinematic art work with respect to the theories covered in this course.

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Review and Approval

September 2005        Review

3/2009            Revision        Carl Lefko

3/2010            Review            Carl Lefko

July 2010