Theatre 478

THEA 478: Internship in Theatrical Production

Prerequisite: Sophomore standing, acceptance of Internship application by the faculty and the theatre designated for internship residency

Credit Hours: (1-12)

Short or long term professional theatre/film residency in one of the following areas: box office/house management, development, directing/acting, drama enrichment/education, literary, marketing, stage management and technique production and design: scenic costume, lighting and sound.

Note(s): May be taken again for maximum of 12 semester hours credit.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Eligibility and Selection:

Internships are open to all Theatre and Cinematic Arts students with a Sophomore status. Students who wish to audition or apply for a stage management position must have successfully stage-managed a mainstage production at Radford University. Similarly, students who wish to apply for major management, technical and design positions must successfully complete a comparable experience on a mainstage Radford University production. Interns must submit an application with a resume, 2 letters of recommendation, 3 references (addresses and phone numbers), and a head shot (actors only), preferably eight months prior to the time period the applicant wishes to intern. All prospective interns will be interviewed with the appropriate portfolio presentation or audition by the theatre faculty and the resident internship coordinator. All interns will meet with the resident internship coordinator and the faculty supervisor on a regular basis to monitor their progress and develop a forum for assessing the residency experiences.

Academic credit will be assigned by the theatre faculty based on the level of involvement detailed in the application.

Three general residencies exist:

  • Short-term residencies for 1-2 hours credit will consist of assignments over a 1-4 week period concentrating on an intense short term project i.e. a field study audition monitor in New York City.
  • Medium-term residencies for 3-6 hours credit will consist of assignments covering 1/2 a semester ( one production ) or 1/2 summer (one production).
  • Long-term residencies for 9-12 hours credit will consist of assignments covering a full semester or summer. The experience is spread over two or more productions.


Goals and Objectives

In keeping with the department's commitment to provide professional training for theatre artists the program will encourage students to become an integral part of a professional team. Each internship residency will be individualized to ensure that the student realizes his or her learning and experiential goals in theatre.


Assessment Measures

Each student will maintain a detailed journal of their activities. At the end of the residency each student will complete a post evaluation of their performance with the resident internship coordinator and the designated faculty supervisor. A written post evaluation including a journal consisting of a daily log of activities and a comprehensive objective evaluation of each experience. The journal should conclude with a subjective assessment of the whole experience. The journal will be reviewed by the resident coordinator and the faculty supervisor will assign the final grade based on a joint discussion of the interns performance.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

September 2005