Theatre 428

THEA 428: Auditioning

Prerequisites: THEA 227 and THEA 297 or permission of instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

Advanced level coursework in auditioning for professional theatre, musical theatre, television and film. Preparation of an actor/singer’s repertoire, improvement of the performer’s interviewing and cold reading skills, and research into professional theatre casting and business practices.

Detailed Description of Course

• Preparation and performance of acting repertoire and completion of four to seven mock audition/interviews.
• Students will apply techniques from Viola Spolin, Stephen Book, Fred Silver, Michael Shurtleff, David Craig, and other master performance teachers.
The course will include written assignments, audition database membership, and obtaining a professional wardrobe and headshot/resume.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students will discuss and prepare for a variety of audition situations common in the world of professional theatre. They will prepare and perform audition packages for musical theatre, contemporary plays, on-camera work, and cold readings. These projects will be supplemented with other reading and research assignments throughout the course pertinent to the skill of auditioning.

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

In this course, students can learn how to: know and work with their type; apply specific techniques for on-camera, musical theatre, contemporary drama, and cold reading auditions; develop a habit of pursuing an acting career; use interviewing, conversation, and networking skills for actors; take criticism and rejection in stride to feel motivated, not victimized.

Assessment Measures

Reading responses, four audition packages (cold reading, on-camera, musical, contemporary), dance audition, headshot, resume, and research assignments.

Other Course Information

This coursework has previously been taught 3 times as a THEA 475 (Theatre Problems) course.

Review and Approval