Theatre 336

THEA 336: Makeup II

Prerequisites: THEA 236

Credit Hours: (3) Three hours lecture, demonstration and critique

The advanced study and practical application in makeup techniques including prosthetics, life masks, wig making, computer-aided design and other techniques.

Detailed Description of Course

The purpose of this course is to allow the theatre student an in-depth look at advanced modern techniques in prosthetics, wigs, hair and makeup for the theatre.

1. Three-dimensional makeup
2. Casting for prosthesis
3. Construction of prosthetic pieces
4. Application of prosthetic pieces
5. Cold-foam process
6. Construction of ventilated hair pieces
7. Application and dressing of ventilated pieces
8. Period hair styles
9. Wigs
10. Construction of wigs
11. Bald wigs and pates
12. Toupees and sideburns
13. Stylized character makeup
14. Scars and cuts

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

An informal approach in which the discovery of the principals used in advanced prosthetic pieces will be emphasized.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of this course students will be able to demonstrate the basic skills needed in advanced stage makeup. This includes the demonstration of the skills needed for prosthetics pieces, wig making, ventilation and texture makeup.

Assessment Measures

Graded assessment includes the assignment and presentation of projects both paper and actual in-class work. Class preparation and participation.

Other Course Information

The instructor may demonstrate preparatory techniques using a computer.


Review and Approval

September 2005

3/2009        Revision    Carl Lefko

3/2010        Revision    Carl Lefko

July 2010