Theatre 328

THEA 328: Acting III: Improvisation Techniques

Prerequisites: THEA 227

Credit Hours: (3)

The workshop style class seeks to improve the actors’ access to their individual creativity and imagination through exercises designed to sharpen their improvisational skills.

Note(s): Can be repeated for academic credit. Student cannot receive credit for both THEA 324 and THEA 328.


Detailed Description of Course

Exercises, games, evaluation/follow-up.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Using exercises as daily warm-up, this class will focus on constant “on-the-feet” exercises based largely on the work of Spolin, Book, and Johnstone. The class will culminate in application of improvisation techniques to scripted material.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. To aid in the constant work of sharpening the actor’s imagination.
2.To provide the actor with techniques to enhance performance of scripted material.
3. To give actors certain techniques to assist in situations in which they receive little or no feedback from a director.
4. To help make actors more connected to their creative impulses.

Assessment Measures

The exercises, their follow-up and summary will be facilitated by the instructor. Students are assessed on their attendance, regular writings in a journal and preparation of their scripted scene.

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Review and Approval

3/2009            Revision        Carl Lefko

3/2010            Revision        Carl Lefko

July 2010