Music 695

MUSC 695
Graduate Lecture-Recital

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MUSC695.  Graduate Lecture-Recital                                                                                     
Minimum of a one-hour lecture-recital.  Six credit hours (6).

Prerequisite: MUSC601 and Level 10 proficiency in applied music.

The lecture-recital shall include an appropriate balance between musical performance and lecture based on scholarly research.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The  Graduate lecture–recital shall consist of a full 60 minute presentation and must be based on and include an analytical or historical document all of which are approved by the candidate’s Graduate Committee no later than thirty days prior to the performance of the lecture-recital. Students are expected to study, prepare and perform works relative to the candidates's chosen medium displaying an advanced level of musical and technical skill; a lecture is given by the candidate displaying an advanced understanding  of the literature performed.  In addition to preparing appropriate literature for public performance, the course will also include a study of performance techniques, practices and stage deportment.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students will take applied lessons during the semester in which they register for the course and prepare to present a formal public lecture-recital.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students gain an advanced level of musical and verbal communication skills and experience within a formal lecture-recital setting.


Assessment Measures

Each student  schedules and performs a recital hearing for his/her graduate applied music jury at least thirty days prior to the lecture-recital date. The jury determines if the required level of competency has been achieved and decides whether the lecture-recital is to take place. The final grade for the course is the average of the grade assigned by the jury and the grade assigned by the applied teacher following the lecture-recital (the applied teacher's grade weighted at 50%) as converted to pass/fail (P/F).


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Approval and Subsequent Review                      

February 2007