Music 654

MUSC 654

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One hour private lesson, one hour laboratory (2).

Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

Emphasizes advanced analytical, aural and gestural techniques in the development of skills and abilities as a choral and/or instrumental conductor.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course focuses on the following:

1. Analytical techniques used in score preparation.

        a. Singing of individual lines.
        b. Clefs and transposition.
        c. Structural and harmonic analysis.
        d. Historical perspectives.

2. Nonverbal communication.

        a. Posture.
        b. Preparatory beats and releases.
        c. Pacing of tempi and thematic materials
        d. Cuing and anticipation.
        e. Development of the left hand.
        f. Facial expression and eye contact.

3. Survey of selected literature appropriate for various levels of choral and/or instrumental ensembles.
4. Rehearsal procedures.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will include regular (one-on-one) lecture contact with the professor in preparation for weekly rehearsals and ultimately performances with ensembles the student is conducting. Also, the student will complete regular reading and listening assignments, papers and exams.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will:

1. demonstrate appropriate gestures when conducting an ensemble.
2. describe methods for rehearsing the choral and/or instrumental ensemble.
3. list literature for choral and/or instrumental ensembles at various levels.
4. analyze music in preparing scores for conducting.
5. discuss aspects of performance practice used in conducting choral and/or instrumental ensembles.


Assessment Measures

Assessment will include papers, projects, aural/oral exams, and concert performances as a conductor.


Other Course Information


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

March 2001 Reviewed E. Fellin, Chairman