Music 608

MUSC 608

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MUSC 608. Music Teaching and Learning
Three hours lecture (3).

Prerequisite: Undergraduate degree in music or permission of instructor.

Perceptual processes, learning theories, and curricula in music education will be studied in this course.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course focuses on the following:

    • Aural perception
    • The physical process
    • The mental process

    • Learning Theories in Music

    • Definition of Learning
    • Behavioristic Learning Theories
      • Classical Conditioning
      • Operant Conditioning
    • Cognitive Learning Theories
      • Gestalt
      • Social Learning Theories
      • Human Information Processing
      • Humanism
    • Music Learning Theory (Gordon)
    • Motivation

    • Music Curricula

    • Planning, Developing and Evaluating Curricula
      • Objectives
      • Cognitive Component (Cognitive Taxonomy)
      • Psychomotor Component (Psychomotor Taxonomy)
      • Affective Component (Affective Taxonomy)
    • Forces influencing curricular change
    • The National Standards in Music and their curricular impact
    • Curricular Models
      • General Music
      • Vocal Music
      • Instrumental Music

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

  • The course includes reading assignments, discussion, lecture, papers, class presentations, and exams.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

  • At the conclusion of the course, the graduate student will:

    1. describe the psychoacoustic principles involved in the perception of music.
    2. apply behavioristic and cognitive learning theories to music education.
    3. explain Music Learning Theory.
    4. discuss theories of motivation and their application to music education.
    5. write appropriate objectives for music curricula.
    6. discuss cognitive, psychomotor, and affective components of music curricula.
    7. describe ways to incorporate the National Music Standards in music curricula.
    8. discuss models of music curricula for general, vocal, and instrumental music.


    Assessment Measures

    Assessment will include written tests, a written final examination, papers, and class presentations.


    Other Course Information


    Approval and Subsequent Reviews

    February 2001 Revised E. Fellin, Chairman