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MUSC 601

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MUSC601. Bibliography and Research
Three hours lecture (3).

Prerequisite: Bachelor's degree in music, or permission of the instructor.

Survey of bibliography and methods of research in music (music education, music therapy and musicology); study of processes of research and writing in music. Fall.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

1. Overview of research methods

        a. Philosophical
        b. Historical
        c. Descriptive
        d. Experimental
        e. Qualitative
        f. Action sources for music research

2. Print resources

1) Reference books


        (1) Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians
        (2) Harvard Dictionary

    b)Handbook of Research on Music Teaching and Learning
    c) The Norton series

2) Periodicals


        a)Music education

            (1)Journal of Research in Music Education
            (2)Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education
            (3)Journal of Band Research
            (4)Journal of Singing
            (5)Update: Applications of Research in Music Education
            (6)Psychology of Music

        b)Music theory

            (1) Journal of Music Theory
            (2)Music Perception
            (3)Music Theory Spectrum
            (4)Music Analysis
            (5)Journal of New Music Research

        c)Music therapy

            (1) Journal of Music Therapy
            (2) Music Therapy Perspectives
            (3) The Arts in Psychotherapy
            (4) Journal of the Association for Music in Imagery
            (5)Music Therapy


            (1)Journal of the American Musicoligical Society
                (2)Acta musicologica
            (3)Music Review
            (4)Music in Letters
            (5)Music Quarterly
            (6)Journal of Musicology

3. Electronic research

    1) The World Wide Web

        a) Search engines
        b) Web pages
        c) Verification of sources
        d) Citation of web sources

    2) Periodical guides

        a) ERIC
        b) PSYCLIT
        c) MUSE (RILM & Library of Congress)
        d) Music Index
        e) Dissertation Abstracts
        f) CAIRSS
        g) MERB (Music Education Resource Base)

4. Research processes

    a. Finding a research purpose

        1) Becoming familiar with a body of knowledge
        2) Identification of areas of concern or interest

    b. Orientation and planning

        1) Literature

            a) Gathering sources,
            b) Evaluation of sources, critical reading

        2) Modes of inquiry

            a) Philosophical inquiry
            b) Historical inquiry
            c) Empirical inquiry
            d) Measurement tools
            e) Statistical analysis

        3)Non-Parametric Data

            a)Nominal Data
            b)Ordinal Data

        4) Parametric Data

            a)Interval Data
            b) Measures of Spread or Dispersion
            c) Measures of Relative Position
            d) Measures of Relationships
            e) Measures of Differences

        5) Developing a conceptual framework (outline)

5. The research report

            1) Parts of a document
            a)Statement of purpose and research questions
                b) Survey of the literature
                c) Body of the work
                d) Conclusions

            2) The writing process

                a) Bibliographic style
                b) Taking notes and using note cards
                c) Writing an effective paragraph

                    (1) Topic sentence
                    (2) Supporting sentences

                d) Drafting

            3) Bibliographic styles

            a) APA
                b) MLA
                c) Chicago (Turabian)


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course includes library assignments, discussion, lecture, class presentations, completion of steps toward writing a research paper, and exams.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will:

  • describe and utilize printed and electronic sources for research in music.
  • demonstrate skill in reading and analysis of research.
  • utilize correct bibliographic style.
  • demonstrate growth in writing skills.
  • demonstrate research skills by completing a research study. (The emphasis will be on the process of designing, implementing, and writing of the report.)


Assessment Measures

Assessment will include:

participation in class discussions, written exams, a series of class projects which demonstrate bibliographic knowledge and research skills, and oral and written presentations of a final research study.


Other Course Information


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

February 2001 Revised E. Fellin, Chairman