Music 593

MUSC 593

Music Therapy Internship

Prerequisite: Completion of all program requirements for MS in Music Therapy

Credit Hours: 1-12

Brief Description of Course: 6-month internship at an AMTA approved facility. Not required of the student who enters the graduate program with the UG degree already in music therapy.


Detailed Description of Course

6-month, 40-hour per week clinical internship, working with clinical populations under the supervision of an on-site clinical Training Director and the University Program Director.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Provide service at a facility under direction as stated above. The student will provide direct services as well as document assessment, progress, and termination of services when indicated. Further, the student will engage in on-site research of either a qualitative or quantitative nature.


Goals and Objectives of this Course

To serve as a capstone course for all music therapy course work, the student will develop professional service standards and competencies for the field of music therapy.


Assessment Measures

Monthly written reports from the student to the university program director as well as at least two evaluations at the clinical site by the Clinical Training Director. These evaluations will be based on the Advanced Professional Competencies as published by the AMTA.


Other Course Information



Review and Approval

December 13, 2011