Music 497

MUSC 497

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MUSC497. Undergraduate Recital
Credit Hours (1-3).

(Half recital - one credit. Full recital - two or three credits.)

Prerequisite: Level 6 proficiency in applied music or composition and permission of instructor for a full recital.  Level four proficiency in Applied Music or composition and permission of instructor for a half recital.

Corequisite:  MUSC 371, 372, 470, 471, or 472.

Formal public performance. Three credits available to performance level students only.  A full recital may serve as the final honors project in music.  A minimum grade of "B" must be earned in order to receive credit toward completion of the Honors Academy requirements.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

In addition to preparing appropriate literature for public performance, this course will also include a study of performance practices, techniques and stage deportment. Time will also be given to overcoming any individual performance problems which inhibit an emotionally and physically free and flexible performance.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students will take applied lessons during the semester in which they register for the course and prepare to present a formal public recital.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students are expected to learn, through their experience with a formal recital setting; how to plan, prepare and present a solo recital performance. Students are expected to develop a professional attitude toward music performance and freedom from inhibitive behaviors that would limit the effectiveness of a performance.


Assessment Measures

Evaluation will be determined by the student's applied music jury and on the content and execution of materials.


Other Course Information

In performance, music will cover at least three periods of music history in which music has been written for the performing medium; in Composition, the original works will employ varied instrumental media, and will include an extended work of at least ten minutes duration, employing three or more parts and at least one work which uses electronic and/or computer components as an integral part of the composition.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

October 2006