Music 493

MUSC 493

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MUSC493. Internship in Music Therapy.
Credit Hours (1-12).

Prerequisite: Completion of all undergraduate course requirements in music therapy, upper level standing as a Music Therapy major and permission of the instructor.

Six month internship in an approved AMTA clinical setting under the supervision of a board certified music therapist.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The student will secure a six month internship at a AMTA approved training facility. This may take place anywhere that there is an approved facility.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Faculty member will oversee (through academic affiliation) internship and review all progress reports and intern evaluations.


Goals and Objectives

At the conclusion of the internship the student will:


Integrate all academic and clinical materials in a clinical setting on a full time basis.



Assessment Measures

Pass/Fail... the student will be assigned a passing or failing grade contingent upon evaluations by clinical supervisor.


Other Course Information


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

April 18, 2002 Revised E. Fellin, Chairman