Music 400

MUSC 400
Field Experiences in Music Education

1. Catalog Entry

MUSC 400
Field Experiences in Music Education

Credit hours (0)
Prerequisites: Declared Music Education Major

This repeatable course functions as a shell for management of accrued pre-student teaching field experience hours. Students registered in the MUSC 400 level course will accrue 2-6 hours of micro-teaching field experiences.

2. Detailed Description of Course

    1) A Pass-Fail contract specifying a minimum hours of field experience will be initiated.
    2) Student placements in local schools are secured through the CEHD Placement office.
    3) Students are supervised and graded by music education faculty.
    4) A student who meets or exceed the minimum hours of accrued field experience will ‘Pass’.
    5) Accrued hours of field experiences are logged in the Music Education Field Experience Log.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This repeatable course allows supervision of student field observation and pre-teaching experiences. Students will provide observation and micro-lesson plans. Feedback from the supervising teacher and verification of hours will be documented.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

In this course, students will develop and demonstrate:
    1) Students will prepare pre-post observation journals.
    2) Students will prepare pre-post micro-lesson plans
    3) Students will meet with music education faculty to review journals and lesson plans.
    4) Students will gain verification of hours from the supervising teacher in the field.
    5) Supervising Teachers will complete Teacher Candidate Disposition evaluations for pre-teachers engaged in field experience hours.
    6) Students are required to maintain and submit all documentation of field experience hours accrued through MUSC 300:400.

5. Assessment Measures

    1) Evaluation of pre-post observation journals.
    2) Evaluation of pre-post micro-lesson plans.
    3) Verification of hours from the supervising teacher in the field.
    4) Documentation of acceptable Teacher Candidate Disposition evaluations from Supervising Teachers.

6. Other Course Information


Review and Approval

June 20, 2015