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MUSC 367:368

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MUSC367:368. Guitar Class

Three hours. (1:1) 

Beginning through intermediate guitar techniques intended primarily for students requiring functional skills. Open to all students with consent of instructor. MUSC367:fall; 368:Spring.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

The basic purpose of these courses are to have student explore the universal nature of the guitar as a musical instrument. Thus, many musical styles, cultures and related performance techniques will be covered. The major areas to be considered are as follows:




    1. Tuning and instrument care

    2. Seating and positioning

    3. Efficient right and left hand movement

    4. Popular music symbols

    5. Open position chords

    6. Song accompaniment with strumming

    7. Song accompaniment with arpeggios

    8. Standard notation for guitar

    9. Single note melodies

    10. Simple solos

    11. Simple barred chords

    12. Ensemble music




    1. Upper position chords

    2. Walking-Bass

    3. Full-Barré chords

    4. Muting

    5. Classical style

    6. Travis Picking (Alternating thumb and finger style)

    7. Jazz stylings

    8. Tablature

    9. Intermediate solos

    10. Syncopated arpeggios

    11. Ensemble music –evaluation and performance

    12. Improvisation 

    13.  Basic Song-Writing


Detailed Description of Course

The course will include instruction, demonstration, and student participation in a lab type setting. One on one instruction is used to enhance the students ability to fully master the subject matter. Also included in the course are solo and ensemble performing opportunities, basic song-writing and improvisation.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will be able to read standard notation, tablature, chord diagrams, and chord symbols as written for the guitar. The student will be functional in pickstyle and fingerstyle techniques. Specifically, solo and lead playing, as well as accompaniment and rhythm guitar techniques, will have been mastered in a variety of musical styles which include pop, rock, classical, latin, jazz, folk, and blues.


Assessment Measures

Performance tests will be used for assessment. Students will perform for the instructor selected material covered in class. Test grades are determined by the quality of these performances. Specifically, tempo, clarity, accuracy, technique, and playing in or out of tune are all factors which can influence performance quality. Classroom contributions and individual progress are also considered in determining a student's semester grade.


Other Course Information

The instructor on occasion may require students to attend guitar recitals and seminars.


Approval and Subsequent Reviews

Revised April, 2009