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MUSC 308

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MUSC 308. Marketing the Arts
Three Hours Lecture (3).

Prerequisites: MUSC 104 or Permission of Instructor

This is an intensive study of marketing and promotion as applied to the various arts disciplines. Areas addressed include market research, segmentation of populations, target audiences, development of promotional materials, and planning and implementation of marketing plans.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course offers students an opportunity to examine the arts industry using a combination of marketing theory and practical experience. Students will gain an historical overview of the dynamic marketplace in which the arts exist. Emphasis will be placed on current issues facing arts organizations and strategies which may be implemented to reverse unhealthy trends.

1. Industry Overview

        a. The marketplace
        b. Examination, Evaluation, and Response
        c. Profitability
        d. Audiences
        e. Competition

2. Artist Management

        a. The Artist-Management Relationship
        b. Attorneys, Accountants, and Business Advisors
        c. Recording & Publishing
        d. Live performances and tours
        e. Audience Development

3. Marketing Strategy

        a. External Communication/Market Research
        b. Market Segmentation
        c. Target Markets
        d. Product Positioning
        e. Arts Education

4. Conclusions and Recommendations

        a. Need for New Paradigms
        b. Increased self sufficiency and earned income
        c. Consolidated effort from artists, educators, administrators
        d. The future


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course will make use of readings, case materials, interactive lectures, student projects and presentations, and exams. Class projects will provide students with the chance to gain hands‑on experience. The student will observe, examine, and analyze arts organization through application of course concepts and marketing techniques. Students will present findings in both written and oral formats.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The goal of this course is for the student to gain a more detailed and comprehensive understanding of marketing and promotion theory and techniques appropriate for arts organizations. This will be achieved upon successful completion of the following objectives:

1.  An understanding and working knowledge of marketing and promotion techniques and theories as applied to the arts.
2. A demonstrated knowledge of the ability to apply relevant marketing theories and techniques to real life situations facing the arts industry.


Assessment Measures

Students will be assessed via their regular attendance, class participation, weekly assignments, exams, and oral and written presentations. Students will be required to demonstrate their understanding of course concepts and marketing principles through exams and class projects. Exams will present realistic situations facing arts organizations and will require students to demonstrate creative thought and problem solving ability.


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