Music 129

MUSC 129
Pro Tools

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MUSC 129
Pro Tools
Credit Hours: (3)

Prerequisite: MUSC 104, Music Major, or Permission of Instructor

Students learn the basic concepts and production techniques used with Pro Tools; topics include creating sessions, creating audio and MIDI recordings, navigating the recording session, mixing with Pro Tools and basic mastering techniques.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

Pro Tools 1 course will provide hands on training with studio recording software. Students will use the text ‘Pro Tools 101’ as they learn AVID’s Pro Tools (version 8).  The course will allow students to become familiar with the most widely recognized industry standard studio recording software.  The fast-paced environment will instruct students in Pro Tools recording techniques through lecture, demonstrations, live recording projects, quizzes and exams.   

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Pro Tools 1 will be 2 hours of lecture/demonstration and 2 hours of lab work weekly.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

The student will obtain the skills needed to function within the Pro Tools environment, establishing a foundation for more advance education and enabling her or him to work on basic projects in Pro Tools.

•    Choose appropriate session settings for projects
•    Prepare Pro Tools hardware and software for audio recordings
•    Organize regions and audio files to optimize sessions
•    Import and identify types and parameters of media in a Pro Tools Session
•    Understand the difference between sample- and Tick-based operation
•    Record MIDI data and use the data to play a virtual instrument
•    Proficiently navigate a Pro tools Session
•    Understand and use basic editing techniques in Pro Tools
•    Understand and use basic mixing techniques in the Pro Tools mixer
•    Understand and use basic mastering techniques with available Pro Tools software plug-in
•    Mix, backup and archive Pro Tools sessions and relate media in industry-standard format

Assessment Measures
Students are assessed through projects, quizzes, mid-term exam and a final exam.  

Other Course Information

Students will use the text Pro Tools 101 published by Course Technology PRT and official Pro-Tools courseware.  Successful completion of this course is the first level required for certification as a Pro Tools Operator in Music.  

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