Interior Design 407

DSNI 407: Senior Showcase and Portfolio

Prerequisite: DSN402; DSNI400; 2.5 GPA in major

Credit Hours:(1-2) One of two hours lecture

This capstone course is the culminating activity of four years of interior design study. Students confront the challenge of designing and developing their individual portfolios and producing a senior exhibit. This course also provides: learning experiences that engage student in collaboration, consensus building, leadership, and team work.

Note(s): Students cannot receive credit for both DSNI 407 and DSNI 492.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will learn:

1. Team work structures and dynamics. (5a)
2. To apply a variety of communication techniques and technologies appropriate to a range of purposes and audiences. (6a)
3. To express ideas clearly in oral and written communication. (6b)
4. To integrate oral and visual material to present ideas clearly. (6f)
5. Students apply color effectively in all aspects of visual communication (presentations, models, etc.). (10d)
6. Competency in applying the design process to portfolio development.
7. Competency in self-evaluation of design work.
8. Competency in producing a portfolio utilizing alternative presentation methods.
9. Knowledge of team work structures and protocols for producing a gallery hug exhibit and reception (including exhibit teamwork with at least one other discipline).
10. Competency in applying a variety of communication techniques and technologies appropriate to a range of purposes and audiences (including utilizing color effectively throughout the visual communication techniques).
11. Competency in expressing ideas clearly in oral and written communication

Assessment Measures

Assignments will include: portfolio self-assessment; portfolio revisions; senior showcase and finalized portfolio package.  Teamwork and collaboration for the final design exhibit will be assessed through team evaluations and implementation protocols for senior exhibit (including advertisement and publicity, reception, and ticket sales). Conceptual development of the portfolio will comprise an integral part of the evaluation for this course.

Other Course Information

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