Interior Design 230

DSNI 230: Materials, Finishes and Textiles I

Prerequisites: DSNI 125

Credit Hours: (3) Two hours lecture; two hours laboratory

An introduction to the physical properties of and recommended applications for basic materials, finishes and textiles used in interior spaces. The student develops knowledge and skills needed to research and evaluate functional, aesthetic, economic and environmental characteristics of materials, finishes and textiles.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course explores the physical properties of materials, finishes and textiles used in interior environments. Students are introduced to conventions and systems for categorizing and organizing data; to codes and standards; and to the creative application of materials, finishes and textiles in interior environments. Topics include: stone, metal, wood, concrete, tile, glass, plastics, natural and synthetic fibers; and impact of universal and sustainable design issues in the selection of materials.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course content is delivered through lectures, field trips, lab sessions, guest speakers and independent research. The lab environment provides hands-on experience with various materials, finishes and textiles and their applications. Independent research, creative projects, and participation in the organization and management of the resource room are required.

Goals and Objectives

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will demonstrate:

1) Knowledge of the physical characteristics of basic building materials, finishes and textiles used in interior spaces.
2) Knowledge of the conventions for categorizing materials, finishes and textiles in the design industry.
3) Skill in researching the characteristics of specific materials, finishes and textiles and their appropriateness to interior application, based on aesthetic, functional, economic and environmental criteria.
4)Basic knowledge in the historic application of building materials.
5) Knowledge of the codes, standards and testing methods applicable to building materials for interior use.
6) Basic knowledge of the installation and maintenance requirements of specific building materials and finishes.
7) Skill in managing and accessing materials, finishes and textiles data and samples.
8)Skill in creatively and appropriately selecting building materials and finishes for interior application.

Assessment Measures

Testing and evaluation of research assignments will assess students’ knowledge of course content. Knowledge and ability to organize and adequately access materials data and samples will be assessed through ongoing participation in the management of the program’s resource library.

Other Course Information

This course will be offered on alternate years.