Fashion Design 355

DSNF 355: History of Fashion II

Prerequisites: 2.5 in-major GPA; or permission of instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

A study of the history of fashion as it relates to the development of western dress over a period of time, circa 3000 BC to 1880.  Fashion will be studied within the historical, social and cultural environment of the time.

Detailed Description of Course

This course is a study of the evolution of western dress and fashion from the ancient world to the 1880’s.  The student will be exposed to style characteristics of fashion from specific time periods and the connections between the social and cultural changes.  Special emphasis is placed on garment styles evolution from one period to another based on the social and cultural environment.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course material is presented through an illustrated lecture approach.  

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will demonstrate:

1. Recognition of historical research techniques.
2. Recognition of fashion styles and characteristics for specific time periods in history.
3. Ability to interpret fashion styles and characteristics for specific time periods in history.
4. Understanding of how conditions (economic, political, social, and technological) of the times influence fashion.
5. Understanding of the historical continuity of fashion.

Assessment Measures

Measures the student’s ability to recognize major historical styles in fashion and accessories, and to understand the cultural context within which they developed will be assessed through examination. A series of research assignments will assess the student’s understanding of the stylistic elements of a specific historical period and the cultural influences that gave rise to that style, and will evaluate the student’s ability to effectively apply those stylistic elements in a new context.  Quizzes and exams based on readings and lectures will assess students’ knowledge of course content.

Other Course Information

Review and Approval
March 2010