Design 611

DSN 611: Special Topics in Design Thinking

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in MFA - Design Thinking concentration

Credit Hours: (3)

This online course will provide opportunities for studies of current topics of interest in the area of design thinking, with an emphasis on new developments, technology, and/or research.

Note(s): Must be repeated on a different topic for 3 additional credits.

Detailed Description of Course

Content: Design thinking ideas are built upon in this course. The course will provide opportunities for studies fo current topics of interest in the area of design thinking.  Individual and collaborative opportunities to discuss new developments, technologies, or research are presented.    

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This is an online course. Students may work in interdisciplinary teams to synthesize the most current information about a design challenge and begin to understand the continuum of innovation as a strategy of overlapping areas.

 Goals and Objectives of this Course

To master basic design thinking strategies, the student must:
    1. determine areas of interest for team led discussions and read, distill information with others; and
    2. be prepared to discuss new developments relative to design thinking, technology interventions, and/or research in identified areas of interest.

Assessment Measures

May include, but is not limited to writings, presentations, assignments, and/or discussion threads on reading assignments.

Other Course Information: None