Design 575

DSN 575: Design Theory & Research

Prerequisites: Graduate standing in MFA - Design Thinking concentration.

Credit Hours: (3)

This is an online course addressing the exploration of research versus information gathering in human behavior and design theories.

Detailed Description of Course

Content: An introduction to the theories that form the foundation for decision making in design and the data collection methods that inform and impact design research and problem-solving.  Various information-gathering techniques are examined.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will be delivered using an online format. Students may have access to online lectures, readings, discussion boards, or other developing technologies.

Goals and Objectives of this Course:
Students will be able to describe:

    1. the difference between research and information gathering;
    2. sampling techniques;
    3. measurement/instrumentation methods used in research;
    4. qualitative and quantitative methods;
    5. the research process of problem identification/hypothesis development, literature reviews, data collection, and data analysis;
    6. ethical issues when conducting design research involving human subjects; and
    7. search engine strategies.


The student will be able to:

    1. communication techniques appropriate to a range of purposes and audiences;
    2. express ideas clearly in oral and written formats; and
    3. process information using convergent/divergent thinking and analysis and synthesis strategies.

Assessment Measures

May include but is not limited to papers, tests, assignments, discussion questions, and observation sketchbook; team developed mini-research project.

Other Course Information: None