Design 143

DSN 143: Business of Design

Credit Hours: (2)

An introduction to the business aspects and issues relative to the operations of design/merchandising firm/industries.

Note(s): Students will not receive credit for both DSNF 133 and DSN 143.

Detailed Description of Content of Course

This course explores design as a profit-driven business entity. Topics explored will include: Practicing design in a global market; the elements of business practices; various market sectors; customer types; customer segments; fulfilling customer needs; product life cycles; selecting merchandise; pricing policies; and profit and loss. This course also provides:

A variety of business, organizational and familial structures. (2e)

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will be a lecture-based course with active learning modules incorporated into the course content delivery and guest speakers adding expertise.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Having successfully completed this course, the student will have an awareness of:

•    The activities necessary to buy and sell design products and services at a profit
•    The elements of business practice (business development, financial management, strategic planning, and various forms of collaboration and integration of disciplines). (7c)
•    Various market sectors, client types, and design practices. (7b, 7 f).
•    The nature and value of integrated design practices (various forms of collaboration and integration of disciplines). (5b)
•    The various product markets and the product life cycle.
•    How design firms satisfy customer needs and wants
•    Wholesale and retail pricing policies for design products and services
•    Sustainable design practices
•    Globalization and the implications of conducting the practice of design within a world market. (2b)
•    Professional ethics. (7e)
•    Career opportunities in design.

Assessment Measures

Student assessment is based on exams, assignments, and projects. Assignments and projects may include journaling, presentations, and team projects.

Other Course Information

Review and Approval