Design Merchandising 403

DSNM 403: Senior Showcase and Portfolio

Prerequisites: DSN 402, DSNM 440, 2.5 in-major GPA; or permission of instructor

Credit Hours: (2)

This course is a culminating activity of four years or merchandising for design study. Students confront the challenge of designing and developing their individual portfolios and producing a senior exhibit and fashion show.

Detailed Description of Course

This integrated studio is a venue for senior merchandising for design students to work collaboratively on the production of a runway show and gallery exhibit. Students will also work on developing individual portfolios.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students plan and manage a gallery-hung exhibit of portfolio materials. They also plan and mange a runway fashion show. Individually, each student applies the design process in developing conceptual and “mock-up” portfolio materials created from a variety of formats (free-standing exhibit, hanging exhibit, digital portfolio, printed media, business reports, personal credentials, etc.) Through a series of exercises in which they assess the strengths and weaknesses of their own design work, students select and revise materials to create and publish final portfolio content.

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. Understanding in how to produce and manage a runway fashion show.
2. Comprehension in the successful application of…
        • The design process in portfolio development
        • Self-evaluation of design work
        • Alternative preparation, presentation and production methods
        • Professional caliber presentation materials

Assessment Measures

Assignments will include: portfolio self-assessments; portfolio revisions; finalized portfolio package; gallery exhibit and fashion show. Conceptual development of the portfolio, exhibit, and fashion show will comprise an integral part of the evaluation for this course.

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