Design Merchandising 247

DSNM 247: Merchandising Mathematics

Prerequisites: DSNM 200; 2.5 in-major GPA

Credit Hours: (3) Three hours lecture

A study of the retail mathematics practices used in the procurement and sales of apparel and interior products.

Note(s): Students cannot receive credit for both DSNM 263 and DSNM 247.

Detailed Description of Course

Through a combination of lecture and in class and homework problem sets, students develop skill in merchandising math techniques.  Students apply these techniques to develop design solutions for merchandise buying and planning. Process checks and the appropriate merchandising math terminology are included in this course to enhance the quality of skill attainment.  Individual and group critiques further enhance development of critical thinking skills.  Topic covered include:  the theory of merchandising math, components of profit/loss, markups /markdowns (individual, cumulative, and average), shipping terms and dating, purchase orders and invoices, gross margin concepts, six-month merchandise planning; dollar open-to-buy planning; and merchandise assortment planning.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course content is delivered through lecture. Active learning techniques will be employed to stimulate student learning.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

As a result of this course, the student will demonstrate:

1. An awareness of retail math applications for product procurement and sales.
2. An awareness of how to utilize basic spreadsheet applications to enhance productivity and accuracy.
3. A knowledge of the ramification of profit and loss on a firm.
4. A knowledge of critical thinking skills needed in merchandising math problem solving.
5. An understanding of how to apply basic principles of merchandising math
6. A knowledge of how to identify a problem and generate an assortment plan solution
7. A knowledge of how to identify a problem and generate a six-month merchandising plan solution

Assessment Measures

Exams, homework, problem sets, six-month merchandising plans and assortment plans will be used.

Other Course Information


Review and Approval
March 2010