Design Merchandising 205

DSNM 205: Promotion for Design-3D

Prerequisites: DSNM 200 and passing Basic Skills Assessment; 2.5 in-major GPA

Credit Hours: (3) Six hours studio

This studio course introduces the student to the skills necessary to communicate graphically design in space.

Detailed Description of Course

Topics included in this course will address drafting of floor plans, elevations, reflected ceiling plans, quick sketch perspectives, gray tone illustration, and 3D modeling with scale mock-ups; space and the human body using human factors theory; local, state and federal building codes, life safety codes and barrier free guidelines; principles of lighting design; elements and principles of design relative to promotion in a 3-d composition.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Instructional strategies include: lecture, demonstration, guest speakers, exams and projects; oral presentations and juror critiques.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

As a result of this course, the student will be able to demonstrate:

1) An understanding of how to prepare floor plans, elevations drafted to scale with appropriate applications regarding all local, state and federal codes, barrier free guidelines and life safety codes.
2) An understanding of how to prepare reflected ceiling plans to scale that address all lighting principles.
3) An understanding of how to express design ideas three-dimensionally through: quick sketch perspectives and scaled- models.
4) A knowledge of the elements and principles of design as expressed in all compositions.
5) An understanding of the human body in space using human factors theory

Assessment Measures

Assessments include: exams, projects, models, presentations, critiques

Other Course Information


Review and Approval

March 2010