Dance 450

DNCE 450
Senior Seminar

1. Catalog Entry

DNCE 450
Senior Seminar

Credit hours (1)
Prerequisites: Dance Major with Senior status

A preparatory course that provides students with tools to pursue various types of careers in the field of dance, and beyond, students will conduct an in depth investigation of the interdisciplinary nature of dance, as well as apply their specialized course of study to a real world environment.

2. Detailed Description of Course

    1) written version of vision
    2) traditional resume
    3) professional resume
    4) career development plan
    5) research on individual topic of inquiry
    6) guest speakers from professionals working in various fields, including dance

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

    1) Guest speakers from professionals working in various fields, including dance
    2) Speaker from Career Services to talk about resumes, networking, interview skills
    3) Participation in mock interviews
    4) Research project in their chosen field, including steps they have to take to reach their goal
    5) Develop an page to promote themselves and the skills they have to offer
    6) Develop an e-portfolio documenting their creative and academic work

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the successful completion of this course students will:
    1) Be able to clearly articulate their professional aspirations
    2) Show evidence of a career development plan
    3) Be prepared for job interviews and auditions
    4) Have knowledge of the necessary steps to reach their ultimate professional goal(s)

5. Assessment Measures

    1) Presentation of individual research projects
    2) Presentation & creation of Career Development Plan, Resume, e-portfolio and website

6. Other Course Information


Review and Approval

April 23, 2014