Dance 401

DNCE 401: Pointe Technique

Credit Hours: (2) Six hours technique

Prerequisite: DNCE 201

This course is based on the Vagonova System, a scientific, thorough and highly expressive classical ballet training method. Intensive study of pointe technique for pre-professional levels emphasizing correctness of execution and style.


Detailed Description of Content of Course       

  • Double Rond De Jambe En L’air (45 Degree)
  • Tours sur le cou-de-pied from 4th and 5th positions (2 turns)
  • Grand Sissonne Ouverte in all poses with traveling
  • Jete en tournant with traveling (1/2 turn)
  • Grand Fouette
  • Tours en dehors and en dedans in diagonale

Pas De Bourree Suivi

  • Grand Fouette
  • Fouette 45 degree (8 turns)
  • Tours sur le cou-de-pied in diagonal (16 turns
  • Tours in grand poses: attitude en dedans, 1st arabesque en dedans (1 turn)
  • Fouette 45 degree (16 turns)
  • Tours chaines (16 turns0
  • Manege (tours with traveling around the stage)
  • Renverse en dehors and en dedans
  • Tours in circle (32 turns)
  • Tours in Diagonale (32 turns)
  • Tours Chaines (32 turns)
  • Fouette 45 degree (32 turns)
  • Grand Fouette en tournant en dehors and en dedans
  • Tours in all grand poses (doubles)
  • Hops on one leg on Pointe


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course


Course material is presented in the form of demonstration and repetition followed by correction, clarification and discussion of exercises. It also includes self-evaluations, assignments, and performance viewings.  It may include guest lecturers with expertise in supplementary areas.


Goals and Objectives of the Course


At the conclusion of the course the students will be able to:

1) Demonstrate technical competency in the execution of classical ballet combinations and steps en pointe.

2) Display sensitivity to the nuances of style, dynamics and phrasing

3) Be able to recognize and perform variations from the classical repertoire.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures may include direct observation, digital/videotaping for analysis, class attendance, practical and written examinations.


Other Course Information



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