Dance 320

DNCE 320: Choreographic Studies I

Prerequisite: DNCE 120 and DNCE 220

Credit Hours: (3) Six hours technique

Development of solo, duo, and group composition in dance for analysis and critical appraisal, including an informal production of original student choreography.

Note(s): May be taken for a total of six semester hours of credit.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

1. Choreography

        a) Form and Content
        b) Stylistic Characteristics
        c) Functions within culture


2. Aesthetic Principles of Form

        a) Criteria for creating movement phrases/dance
        b) Criteria for critically evaluating movement phrases/dance


3. Development and presentation of movement studies based on such topics as:

        a) improvisation
        b) energy
        c) space
        d) time
        e) sensory stimuli
        f) ideational stimuli
        g) creative tasks
        h) collaboration with student composers

4. Site-specific dance and/or final project.

        a.) Selection of a theme
        b.) Development of accompaniment
        c.) Choreography of the theme
        d.) Application of costumes, set decor and/or lighting
        e.) Presentation of composition for analysis and critical evaluation at public performance


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A professional approach in which the student of dance explores the elements of dance composition, experiences the choreographic process and develops a critical perspective.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will:

1. Develop choreographic skills by creating solo, duo and group compositions.
2. Demonstrate an ability to analyze and critically appraise the form and content of a dance composition.


Assessment Measures

Assessment measures include presentation of movement studies, and final projects, review of digital recordings of student works, class discussion, written critiques, and class attendance.


Other Course Information


Review and Approval

Revised February, 2009