Dance 280

DNCE 280: Intermediate Jazz Dance

Credit Hours: (1) Four hours technique

Provides continued development of the body as an instrument for jazz dance expression with emphasis on technique, style and compositional form.

Note(s): May be taken multiple times for credit.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

1. Warm-up exercises with emphasis on increased abdominal strength, body flexibility, hip turn-out, etc.

2. Center floor exercises


        a. Plies
        b. Foot exercises and leg swings
        c. Body placement
        d. Isolations
        e. Contractions
        f. Syncopations


3. Traveling sequences


        a. Jazz walk and its variations
        b. Jazz turns and their variations
        c. Leap and jump sequences


4. Execution of movement progressions and jazz combinations

5. Improvisation emphasizing specific jazz styles and movement qualities


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

A professional approach in which the fundamental technique of jazz dance is solidified with an added emphasis on movement sequences incorporating isolation and syncopation for the student on an intermediate level.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will:


1. Demonstrate technical competency in the execution of jazz dance technique at an intermediate level.
2. Be able to analyze principles of jazz dance technique by the observation and execution of extended movement combinations.


Assessment Measures

The student may be evaluated through a variety of means including direct observation by the instructor, digital/video taping for analysis, practical and written exams, and class attendance.


Other Course Information

At the instructor's discretion, the normal skill building routine of a dance class may be enriched and supplemented by such aids as viewing videos of jazz dance works, attending live dance performances, keeping logs, and class discussion of topics that arise as a result of viewings and writings.

Newly approved course Spring, 1987
Last Date of Revision: Fall 2001


Review and Approval

March 24, 1998 Review Margaret Devaney, Chair
September 12, 2001 Review Margaret Devaney, Chair
July 14, 2005 Review Margaret Devaney, Chair

June 20, 2015