Dance 207

DNCE 207: Musical Theatre Dance

Prerequisites: At least one semester of DNCE 205, DNCD 280, or DNCE 231

Credit hours (1)

The course is based on the musical theatre style of dance with emphasis on repertoire and performance skills.  The course will examine choreographic works from influential Broadway choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Michael Bennett, Gower Champion, Jerome Robbins, Twyla Tharp and Susan Stroman.  Content will also include a brief overview of musical theatre history through assigned readings and video observation.

Note(s): May be taken multiple times for credit.

Detailed Description of Course

    1) Dance steps taken specifically from musical theatre repertoire.  Material involves elements of jazz, tap, ballet, and modern dance.
    2) Center floor warm-up including cardiovascular work, stretching, and core development.
    3) Across the floor and center work combinations.
    4) Skills for dance auditions for musical theatre productions:
        a. preparation
        b. quick memorization and repetition of dance combinations
        c. professional etiquette
    5) Emphasis of individual style and awareness of the body in space
    6) Development of performance skills

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Course work is presented in a typical dance class fashion with an introduction of musical theatre style steps by the instructor followed by repetition and accumulation of movement sequences.  Students will learn historical musical theatre repertoire and refer to archival videos before performing each dance piece in the course.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course the student will:
    1) Demonstrate continued progress of technique and clear progress made in the performance of routines and individual skills.
    2) Demonstrate the ability to imitate/understand the appropriate stylistic execution of different routines as shown by the instructor.
    3) Have an overview of knowledge regarding works of famous musical choreographers.
    4) Compare and contrast different dance styles of notable musical theatre choreographers.

Assessment Measures

    1) Daily observation of students in class
    2) Class discussion
    3) Attendance
    4) Digital/videotaping for analysis
    5) Skills tests

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Review and Approval

February 13, 2017
June 20, 2015
April 23, 2014