Art 702

ART 702: Studio Management

Credit Hours: (3) Three hours lecture or seminar

Problems in the management of the professional art studio.


Detailed Description of Course Content

Art 702 is intended to prepare the M.F.A. candidate for the management of professional and higher education studio situations. The candidate will be confronted with the problems facing the artist as a professional and as a teacher.

Art 702 will provide experience from the following categories:

1. Curriculum development, regardless of discipline
2. Teaching strategies
3. Evaluation
4. Test development
5. Safety
6. Crating a work of art for shipping
7. Framing and matting
8. Pricing of art work
9. The resume - photographing art work
10. The interview and professional organizations


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Through lectures, demonstrations and readings in assigned texts, students will discuss and explore solutions to technical studio problems confronted by the professional artist/teacher.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

1. Students will demonstrate a broad understanding of the problems and situations faced by today's professional artists.
2. Students will develop critical teaching strategies and participate in the development and maintenance of the professional art studio.
3. Students will demonstrate the technical skills necessary for the creations, presentation and marketing of individual work. Students will demonstrate skills in the following: crating, framing, pricing of work, resume development, photography of art work and conducting the professional interview.


Assessment Measures

Evaluations of the student's development and performance within the objectives of this course will be determined by the completion of assigned technical problems, objective tests and in-class discussion. Students will be evaluated on their ability to properly crate their work for shipping, frame, price their work, develop a resume, photograph their work and conduct a professional interview with an established gallery director.


Other Course Information

Students will be required to complete readings from the texts listed below:

  • The Visual Artist's Manual. Doubleday-Dolphin.
  • The Artist-Gallery Partnership/A Practical Guide to Consignment. American Council for the Arts.
  • Annual Guide to Galleries. Art in America.
  • Money Business-Grants and Awards for the Creative Artists. The Artists Foundation, Inc.


Review and Approval

April 1998 Revision Arthur Jones, Chair