Art 600

ART 600: Graduate Studio/Research

Credit Hours: (3) One hour lecture and four hours studio

Problem analysis of technical processes in selected studio areas of concentration.

Note(s): May be taken again for credit.


Detailed Description of Content of the Course

The purpose of this course is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to pursue in-depth problem analysis in all studio areas. Art 600 is a competency-based course. A student determines his own objectives and problem-solving strategies to be explored during the course.


Detailed Description of the Conduct of the Course

1. Lectures and Demonstrations:

Students will be given related research assignments in order to assure a high level of technical understanding in the studio area involved. They will participate in weekly critiques of their work and the work of others. Examinations and/or demonstrations will be required. Manipulative skills will be enhanced through studio instruction and demonstration.

2. Studio:

This is a competency based course. A student determines his own objectives and probable problem-solving strategies to be explored. A student must be able to research artists, ideas, subjects and techniques which will help to insure understanding of concepts and ideas explored in personal work. The student will explore the solution of aesthetic, expressive, and technical problems, and will be required to develop a cohesive oeuvre of consistent aesthetic merit that exhibits competency and a high level of artistic sophistication.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course, the student will develop skills and sophistication in utilizing the tools and techniques of a particular artistic discipline. The student will develop a conceptual understanding of the ideas underlying their creative work.


Assessment Measures

Assessment of the student is based upon the development of critical and analytical skills as determined by:

1. Studio performance on individual projects.
2. Final comprehensive portfolio presentation.
3. Examinations and/or discussions and critiques.


Other Course Information

This course is one of several graduate offerings with the art department that fulfills requirements for the M.S. and M.F.A. degrees. Art 600 GSR/Research is offered in each studio area.


Review and Approval

March 1999 Revision Arthur Jones, Chair