Art 492

ART 492: Museum Practicum

Prerequisite: ARTH 401 with a “C” or better

Credit Hours: (3)

Academic knowledge with hands-on field experience in an on-campus museum facility and to put into practice knowledge and theories essential for competency in museum work.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Museum Practicum is designed to integrate academic knowledge with hands-on experience in the RU Art Museum, and to put into practice knowledge and theories essential for competency in museum work. The student will define a project with the art museum director and then execute it under the director’s guidance. Student is required to work a minimum of 90 hours outside of class in Radford University Galleries.


Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Gallery director will guide the student through the project, meeting regularly to plan and execute it. The student will also write a final paper detailing his/her activities and project results.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

Via a project-oriented practicum, students will further practice and master the aspects of professional museum standards as learned in art 491.


Assessment Measures

Students are evaluated on three criteria:

  • that the student has met the basic obligation (i.e., has worked 90 hours with supervision).
  • that the final paper is well written.
  • that the student’s work on the project demonstrates an understanding of:
    • administrative procedures via the ability to properly maintain collections records and assess the condition of a work of art.
    • All aspects of exhibition planning and installation, including writing labels and other educational materials.
    • Art conservation by demonstrating the ability to professionally handle various types of art and evaluate conditions for collections care.


Other Course Information

This course will complete the sequence for students interested in museum careers or art administration, beginning with:

  • ART 302 Exhibition Fundamentals
  • ART 491 Museum Studies
  • ART 492 Museum Practicum
  • ART 493 Museum Internship

Previously, students who wanted to go on took ART 491 more than once, but as the program evolved, ART 491 has had increased enrollment and has changed from a directed-study-type course to a lecture-lab. Students will be allowed to repeat ART 492 for credit, but will no longer be allowed to repeat ART 491.


Review and Approval

April 11, 2005 Reviewed by Steve Arbury, Chair