Art 429

ART 429: History of Graphic Design (WI)

Prerequisites: ARTG 280 and ARTG 281 or permission of instructor

Credit Hours: (3)

One semester survey of key points in the historical development of the graphic design field.

Note(s): Cultural or Behavioral Analysis designated course.


Description of the Content of the Course

1. Historical content is based upon the classic text The History of Graphic Design by Phillip Meggs.
2. Course content also addresses cultural, political and social influences as they relate to the graphic design profession and the scope of the course.
3. The development of graphic design in general parallels the entire history of most western art. This mutual relationship clearly strengthens overall student understanding.


Description of the Conduct of the Course

Explanation of the historical content includes:


1. numerous visual examples (over 1,000)
2. accompanying supporting lectures
3. supplementary video presentations as appropriate
4. samples of significant historical artifacts such as prints, metal type, etc.


Goals and Objectives of the Course

The goal of this course provides a context for the understanding of the history of the graphic design field and its implications for contemporary culture. Few contemporary designers are fully aware of the rich heritage that is within this 5,000 year old discipline. By developing a broad awareness, and also viewing a wide variety of world-wide works, current designers are able to make more significant, expressive and honest works. The historical rigor and continuity of this discipline as offered at Radford is not normally offered at other institutions. Our goals and objectives therefore place this university in a unique position.


Assessment Measures

As it is now offered, this is a writing intensive class. Assessment is based upon a series of short, assigned papers (7-10 items). Numerical grades are assigned to each, and an average letter grade is determined for the final. Remedial or supplementary studies are available from Radford University’s Writing Center, or pre-submission to select graduate students or the instructor.


Other Course Information

No other course information required


Review and Approval

March 25, 2005 Reviewed by Steve Arbury, Chair

March 01, 2021