Art Studio 497

ARTS 497: Senior Project and Exhibition

Prerequisites: ARTS 301 and 6 credit hours of 400-level ARTS in area of specialization

Credit Hours: (3)

The Senior Project Exhibition course will prepare students for showing their work. Included in this course will be instruction in the installation process, preparing and researching an artist statement, how to develop a Promotional Package as well as prepare an exhibition of a focused body of work.

Note(s): Humanistic or Artistic Expression designated course.  Students will not receive credit for ARTS 497 until the successful completion of ARTS 499.

Detailed Description of Course

Senior Studio Project Exhibition is a two-part capstone course in which studio students will combine knowledge of their discipline with personal interests of subject matter and content to prepare and create a focused body of work that is matched by their creative interests and technical proficiencies.

Students will meet regularly throughout both semesters with their selected senior project instructor to receive input and direction regarding the progress of their work. The emphasis of this course is the process of art making as it applies to the Artist statement and intent developed in their Senior Project. In addition, technical proficiency of process, conceptual development and creative problem solving that arises from an inquiry into the meaning and value of art will help the student to reach a mature understanding within their own work.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course combines lecture and studio experiences.  1st semester: 2 hours lecture & 2 hours lab.  2nd semester: 1hour lecture & 3hours demonstration/critique.  Students will design an exhibition-promotional packet, complete with an artist statement, resume, on-line portfolio, proposal letter, postcard for exhibition, and etc. This course will operate primarily as a critique and a self-promotional, preparation course in which students will receive weekly feedback on their work and related activities, and start their work for their Senior Exhibition. Studio faculty will provide input on their specializations as relevant to the goals of the course. Topics such as resume writing will be done in group sessions; critiques on project plans will be individual.

Having successfully completed this course, the student will have:

1. Created a focused body of work for senior exhibition.
2. Discussed and defended personal work with their instructor and designated committee
3. Written an Artist Statement about their work
4. Developed a Promotional Package for Exhibition purposes
5. Studied and developed necessary skills for the installation process for Exhibition

Students will focus on the Principles of: Production, Presentation, Professionalism, and Promotion. They will be required to produce the following work:

A focused body of work in keeping with their Senior Project proposal, plus organizational practices and active attempts to improve and showcase work for exhibition will be fundamental for the successful completion of this course.

Each student will be responsible for keeping an Artist’s Exhibition Promotional Book to keep record of submissions to contests/exhibitions, development of promotional packet, assignments, supplemental class and/or personal reading assignments, and general analysis of possible employment outlook.

Midterm Artist’s Exhibition Promotional Book will consist of:

Documentation (receipt) of submission to 1-2 exhibition/competition/publication opportunities.
Power Point Presentation of work
Artist Bio, 10 images
Example of a Cover Letter
MS Word résumé,
Work proofs and anything related to your development as an artist,

Final Portfolio consists of:

Documentation of submission to 1-2 exhibition/competition/publication opportunities,
 Completed exhibition promotional packet that includes
Press Release, Postcard, resume
Artist Statement
Electronic Portfolio (Power point presentation/ website)

The ultimate aim of this class is to produce focused work for exhibition and to prepare the student in marketing their work for future employment, graduate school, and etc. This goal will manifest itself in a group exhibition, a promotional packet and on-line portfolio.

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the outcome of this class students will be able to:

1. Demonstrate a method of inquiry and experimentation leading to the evolution of reflective and creative expression in the student’s body of artworks
2. Produce and exhibit a body of work which demonstrates aesthetic awareness and advanced technical mastery in chosen area of specialization and which meets exhibition criteria as well as serving as the basis for a B.F.A. portfolio
3. Produce a clear, informed, grammatically correct and concise artist statement which demonstrates the student understands of artistic and historical influences as well his or her awareness of how those influences have been changed by the student’s work

Assessment Measures

The following outcomes will be assesed out of a total of 200%: 

Focused body of work                         Competency and high level of artistic sophistication in their work, based on a method of inquiry into the development process of making art.

Artist Statement                                  Of overall grade in articulating the vision of their work with reference to historical and contemporary social context.

Promotional Exhibition Package            Of overall grade in clear, well-written, crafted and planned package

Presentation and Installation of Work    Of overall grade is based on criteria that includes selection, framing, grouping with focus and lighting.

Review and Approval

March 27, 2012

March 01, 2021