Art Studio 475

ARTS 475
Contemporary Photography

1. Catalog Entry

ARTS 475
Contemporary Photography

Credit hours (3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 362 or ARTS 363, with a grade of “C” or better.

This advanced photography course focuses on the preparation and production of a photographic portfolio that shows both technical and aesthetic depth of understanding.  Students complete a semester-long project.  Coursework includes assignments and analysis related to historical and contemporary work within an exploration of social, political, and technological developments in the medium.

Note(s): May be taken multiple times for credit.
2. Detailed Description of Course

Focuses on student development of a semester-long photography project.  Students design their own project, define their approach, make multiple presentations to the class, and create a final body of work that is of portfolio quality and merit.  Instruction during the course is focused on helping students develop good work habits for a self-driven project as well as with teaching techniques that are found to be applicable based upon the needs and interests of the students.

Additional coursework is included to get students thinking and working in new ways, and this coursework will often follow a theme for the semester.  The course looks at historical and contemporary work and explores social, political, and technological considerations in the medium.  Critical writing assignments help students analyze the work of others as they think about how it applies to their own art-making.  Students also work on developing written proposals as well as summary project statements for their work.  Career opportunities, art exhibitions, and gallery relations are also explored.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

Students will be expected to work independently in the studio successfully combining their technical skills and concepts, with the goal of working toward the successful production of multiple bodies of work over the course of the semester. Group and individual critiques will continue to form the basis of the course curriculum, supplemented by field trips and class exercises. Attendance at all departmental visiting artist lectures is required.

Students are empowered though the development of self-discipline, cultural awareness, and personal voice and are expected to respond critically in both written and visual formats to the artwork discussed in class and to propose and execute a self-directed fine art portfolio.

This course will be conducted as an informal lecture with individual studio exercises. Assignments will include creating a professional fine art portfolio, research journals, oral presentations, exhibition entries, and written exercises.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

Through completion of this course, the student should come away with:
    1) Enhanced abilities in self-learning.  In a career as an artist or professional beyond
       college, students need to be able to pursue knowledge and new experiences on
       their own.  Practicing research methods, ways to develop technical skills, and how
       to be adaptable to changes in the photographic medium will help students prepare
       for their final BFA thesis project and other future portfolio-based work.
    2) A professional body of work that is exhibition-worthy and complete.  Much of the
       art world is looking for work that goes beyond the beautiful individual image or
       the often not-fully-realized work that is developed in the classroom.
    3) A project statement, well-articulated in writing, that shows a strong understanding
       of the student’s work and presence as an artist.
    4) Expanded abilities at critiquing artwork, both that of the student and of others, and
       an expanded visual vocabulary.
    5) Improved printing and presentation techniques, at the level appropriate for a
       professional artist.

5. Assessment Measures

Students will be assessed by class participation, written exercises, oral presentations, and technical proficiency and concept development with regard to studio practice. Assessment will take the form of rubrics and written tests.

6. Other Course Information

May be taken multiple times for credit.

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March 27, 2012