Art Studio 441

ARTS 441: Jewelry and Metalworking III (3-D)

Prerequisites: ARTS 241

Credits: (3) One hour lecture, demonstration or critique; three hours studio. (3-D)

Continued development in metalworking with emphasis on design and craftsmanship.

Note(s): May be taken multiple times for credit.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Lectures and visual presentations will encompass technical information on materials and processes as well as examples of historic and contemporary jewelry styles. Demonstrations will illustrate many of the processes used in the class. The content of Art 403 may include but not be limited to:

1). The development of an individual design style.
2). The exploration of additional as well as more complex techniques of casting, surface embellishment, forming techniques, stone setting, tool making, etc.
3). The development of the verbal skills necessary for the student to explain the form, content, imagery, use of technique, and the significance of these items in the development of an individual style or signature.
4). Safety in the studio.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course will build on the foundation of skills developed in Art 303, Jewelry and Metalworking. Demonstrations will illustrate many of the techniques explored, but individual research and experimentation will be encouraged. Critiques will help the students develop the verbal skills to explain what they are trying to accomplish in their work.

Goals and Objectives of the Course

Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the student will:

1). Demonstrate the exploration of metal techniques not covered in Art 303, and develop appropriate craftsmanship in the execution of those projects.
2). Demonstrate development of a personalized design style or statement.
3). Demonstrate the verbal skills necessary to intelligently critique jewelry and metalwork.

Assessment Measures

Assessment of the student is based upon:

• Studio performance (project grades): Approximately 50% on design and 50% on craftsmanship. The quantity and quality of the projects is also weighed against the complexity of the projects, and the level of difficulty involved in the techniques used.
• Sketchbooks.
• Exams.
• Critiques.

Other Course Information

Students taking additional semesters of Art 403 are expected to build on the experiences of previous semesters of jewelry and metalwork by:

• Showing a marked improvement over previous work in mastery of craftsmanship and design.
• Exploring additional techniques not used during previous semesters of jewelry and metalworking. The selection of techniques is done in consultation with the course instructor.

Review and Approval

October 2, 2012

March 25, 2005 Reviewed by Steve Arbury, Chair