Art Studio 431

ARTS 431: Watercolor III (2-D)

Prerequisites: ARTS 231

Credits: (3) One hour lecture, demonstration or critique; three hours studio. (2-D)

Advanced studio problems in watercolor techniques. The 20th century emphasizing chronological evolution, themes, and visual forms.

Note(s): May be taken multiple times for credit.


Detailed Description of Content of Course

Art 325 will meet for six hours weekly. Two hours will be lecture and four hours will be laboratory work. Watercolor techniques are demonstrated and the various types of the media will be further explored and refined. The student's individualized program will be based on needs and skills of the student. Particular emphasis will be placed on the individual needs of each student's major. Students will become familiar with graded wash, color on color, color into color, and other materials used with watercolor. Skills in the use of this medium will be refined, as will skills in presentation techniques.

Detailed Description of the Conduct of the Course

Through slides, exhibits, displays, videos and other media, students will be exposed to the ideas, artists, and masterworks of significant periods of art. The students will apply their knowledge about the history of art to contemporary experiences. The students enrolled in Art 325 will explore the following watercolor techniques:

1. Transparent watercolor
2. Wet-on-Wet painting
3. Wet-on-Dry painting
4. Mixed media
5. Gouache and other water media painting
6. Pastel painting (dry techniques)
7. Line and dry brush painting

Goals and Objectives of the Course

The student will demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of watercolor techniques including transparent watercolor, wet-on-wet painting, wet-on-dry painting, mixed media, pastel painting, line and dry brush painting, and the various forms of tempera painting. The student will demonstrate presentation techniques to better exhibit the work he/she has produced. Art 325 is the advanced course in watercolor at the undergraduate level. It is open to art majors and art minors and any student who has completed Art 225.

Assessment Measures

Critiques will be used to assess the student's individual progress and growth every two weeks. Students will present their work for review by their peers and the instructor. These dialogues will assist the student to meet the course requirements. The students will present their work in a professional manner with hinged, beveled mats ready to be exhibited in a professional location. The students are required to prepare a portfolio of all the work completed for this course including work presented in each critique for final review.

Other Course Information

This course fulfills art requirements for the two dimensional area in all art undergraduate degree requirements. The course is highly recommended for fashion merchandising and interior design majors.

Review and Approval

October 2, 2012

Revised February, 2009