Art Studio 362

ARTS 362
Photography II (2-D)

1. Catalog Entry

ARTS 362
Photography II (2-D)

Credit hours (3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 261 with a grade of “C” or better.

This course provides intermediate skills in analog black and white art photography.  Students learn improved darkroom techniques, fiber-based printing, use of medium- and large-format cameras, film-to-digital workflow, and how to analyze photographic artists and their work.  Emphasis is on the fine art print and the development of personal vision in the student’s body of work.

Note(s): May be taken twice for a total of six hours credit.
2. Detailed Description of Course

This course consists of advanced work with cameras and equipment used in black and white photography with an emphasis on the fine-art opportunities of the medium. Laboratory work includes various assignments. Possibilities might include:
    1) Multiple imagery: Sandwich negatives and double exposures.
    2) Manipulated imagery: mark making and hand coloring of black and white
    3) Sequential imagery and narration.
    4) Constructed panoramas.
    5) Portfolio development and presentation.
    6) Technical skills associated with using medium-format and large-format cameras.
    7) The film-to-digital workflow of shooting analog imagery that is then scanned and
       printed digitally.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course will consist of lectures, demonstrations, discussions, critiques, slide presentations and assigned readings pertaining to the content of the course. Students will actively participate in the learning process.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

Through completing this course, each student should be able to accomplish the following:
    1) Learn how to effectively use different film types and speeds.
    2) Learn how to operate various medium and large format cameras, 120 film, and
       fiber-based B&W paper.
    3) Develop enhanced skills in darkroom printing and camera operation.
    4) Build upon the student’s understanding of elements of visual design and
       composition through slide lectures of historical and contemporary photographic
    5) Be able to effectively engage in verbal dialogues regarding the interpretation and
       evaluation of photographic works – through written reports, group evaluations,
       discussions, and creative critiques.  Each student will gain experience in
       analyzing work orally in a clear, correct, coherent, and persuasive language
       appropriate to art discourse.
    6) Explore how the arts can be a vehicle of expression of human and cultural values
       through creative thinking and problem solving.
    7) Create a portfolio of artistic work in enlarged B&W photographs through high
       quality printing and presentation techniques.

5. Assessment Measures

Assessment of the student may be based upon:
    1) Studio performance on assigned projects.
    2) Final comprehensive portfolio presentation, including matted work for exhibition.
    3) Examinations.
    4) Classroom participation and critiques.

6. Other Course Information

This course is one of several offerings within the art department that fulfills a two-dimensional requirement. It is suggested for anyone majoring in art and is highly recommended for students concentrating in graphic design or in art education. This course does not fulfill general education requirements for fine arts under humanities.

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