Art Studio 331

ARTS 331
Watercolor II

1. Catalog Entry

ARTS 331
Watercolor II

Credit hours (3)
Prerequisites: ARTS 231

Second year level assignments and experiences within the watercolor medium.

2. Detailed Description of Course

In addition to the basic methods of wet-on-wet, wet-on-dry, students produce work using gouache, mixed media, or other opaque, water based media, pastel paintings, line and/or dry brush works.  Mediums are applied using traditional and contemporary methods.

In addition to this more sophisticated studio portion of the watercolor sequence, several short, documented papers on significant watercolor artists are assigned.

Through various visuals (exhibits, videos, trips, live demonstrations, etc.) students’ knowledge of more advanced watercolor works is also supported.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

    1) This course will be a more independently structured course than ARTS 231. The primary
       activity (80 % or more) by the student is the execution of various artworks of a
       personal vision and nature.
    2) Occasional student presentations and critiques, plus on-the-spot demonstrations will always be
       an important portion of any studio course at any level.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

Given the intermediate level of the work assigned in this course, the student produces a more focused, personal and directed response in all areas. Responses include activity, participation, engagement, etc.

Also considered via percentages are attendance and participation, involvement in class, and self-initiated, outside-of-class activities (viewing or participating in exhibitions, library/research work, etc.)

5. Assessment Measures

While the assessment of all art is highly subjective, a general and assigned percentage of desired outcomes are appropriate. Depending upon the class population, these outcomes and categories can include correct perspective, anatomy and fidelity, plus serious attention to expression, mood, etc.

Also considered are attendance and participation, assigned papers, overall involvement, and outside of class art activities

6. Other Course Information


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October 2, 2012
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