Art Studio 262

ARTS 262
Digital Photography I

1. Catalog Entry

ARTS 262
Digital Photography I

Credit hours (3)
Prerequisites: ART 100 (non-majors only), or ARTS 101, or ARTE 212, or permission of instructor.

This course introduces the student to digital art photography.  Students develop skills with digital cameras, image-editing software, fine-art photographic printing, and scanning.  Students explore digital photography as a fine art medium through the examination of relevant artists and the creation of portfolio works.

Note(s): Students cannot receive credit for both ARTS 262 and ART 311.
2. Detailed Description of Course

In this course, students explore the camera controls of digital SLRs, digital editing, scanning, and digital printing techniques.  Emphasis is placed on developing the technical skills needed to explore digital options in the creation of photographic art.  Coursework and projects include: basic camera usage, using the scanner as a source for photographic art, research for and creation of a cohesive themed body of work, and the creative options available to the artist through the use of photo image-editing software.  Students learn how to present their work on screen as well as through the fine-art photographic print.

3. Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

This course includes lectures in the history of digital photography and its aesthetic possibilities. Demonstrations of technical skills in scanning, digital camera work, software usage, and printing are incorporated together with hands on lessons to direct student learning. Students will be guided in applying technology to aesthetic choices and making expressive artistic works for a variety of presentation possibilities.

Having a digital SLR camera is recommended, but not required.

4. Goals and Objectives of the Course

Through completing this course, each student should be able to accomplish the following:
    1) Develop a deeper understanding of light, how it effects exposure, and its
        implications for color digital photography.
    2) Gain competence in: operation of a digital SLR camera, digital image capture,
        scanning, digital darkroom, digital workflow, and digital printing.
    3) Build upon the student’s understanding of elements of visual design and
        composition through slide lectures of historical and contemporary photographic
    4) Learn to interpret and evaluate photographic works through written reports, group
        evaluations, discussions, and critiques.
    5) Explore how the arts can be a vehicle of expression of human and cultural values
        through creative thinking and problem solving.
    6) Create portfolios of artistic work in digital color photographs through high quality
        printing and other digital presentation techniques.

5. Assessment Measures

This course may be assessed through portfolio projects showing artistic intent, technical assignments demonstrating acquired skills, quizzes and reading responses, and various homework exercises.

6. Other Course Information

Digital Photography I is a component of the photography, video art, and graphic design programs.  Other art or non-art students interested in the possibilities of digital photography as an art form will benefit in this class.