Art Studio 251

ARTS 251: Ceramics I (3-D)

Credit Hours: (3) One hour demonstration, lecture or critique; three hours studio

Introduction to hand building and wheel throwing skills; techniques of glaze formulation, development and application.

Note(s): ARTS 251 and/or ART 207 may be taken twice for a total of six hours credit.


Detailed Description of Course Content

Art 207 will meet for six hours weekly. Two hours of demonstration, lecture, or criticism and fours hours of laboratory work will be the weekly requirements. The course will teach basic skills of hand building and wheel throwing. Students will be expected to complete a minimum number of hand built and wheel thrown pots in addition to learning to load, unload, and assist in firing of kilns. The course is designed to increase student's personal development by introducing the student to works of the past and present in Ceramics and invite invention in the area of the ceramic arts. The student will be encouraged to explore basic forms, structures, and ideas using visual cognition and perception.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The student will be expected to attend two hours demonstration, lecture or criticism and four hours of laboratory work weekly. The ceramics course will include introduction to hand building, wheel throwing and techniques of glaze formulation, development and their application will be explored. (This course may be repeated until six hours of credit are earned). The student will be required to complete the following projects:

• pinch pot
• coil pot
• slab pot
• six inch tall thrown cylinder
• minimum of four thrown pots in addition to the above which will include:
    o thrown lid
    o pulled handle
    o spout
    o bottle form

All pottery will be graded only after it is glazed. All students will be expected to fulfill the following class responsibilities:

• Each student will be responsible for taking care of one part of the studio.
• Each student will load, unload, and assist with firing the kilns (both bisque and glaze firing).
• Each student will also be held responsible for their own equipment, tools, clay and their storage.
• Students will be required to put their name on all pottery.
• All wheel thrown pots must have a foot cut on the wheel.
• By the last day of class, students will have all pots ready to be graded (glazed and fired).

Goals and Objectives of the Course

At the conclusion of the course the student will demonstrate the various techniques of ceramic art. The student will demonstrate the ability to create a pinch pot, a coil pot, a slab pot, a six inch tall wheel thrown cylinder, and four additional thrown pots which will include a spout, a bottle form, a thrown lid and a pulled handle. Each of the pieces will demonstrate glazing techniques. Art 207 is the introductory course in ceramics at the undergraduate level. It is open to art majors and art minors and any student who elects to enroll.

Assessment Measures

Periodic critiques will be used to assess the student's individual progress and growth. Students will present their work for review by their peers and the instructor. Specific ceramic pieces are assigned to establish the student's abilities to complete design specific work.

Other Course Information

This course fulfills are requirements for the three dimensional area in all art undergraduate degree requirements. The course is highly recommended for interior design majors, leisure studies majors, and special education majors.

Review and Approval

October 2, 2012

March 18, 2005 Reviewed by Steve Arbury, Chair