Art Studio 211

ARTS 211: Drawing II

Prerequisites: ARTS 110

Credit Hours: (3)  One hour lecture; three hours laboratory.

This is an intermediate level drawing class which will build on the basic skills developed in Drawing I. Students will also develop original compositions and learn skills for imaginative expression in drawing.

Detailed Description of Course

Students will build on basic foundations learned in Drawing I. These include observation skills used for rendering still lifes, the figure, and the landscape. Further understanding of line, value, texture and space will be developed. Students will also be introduced to a series of exercises designed to help them produce original compositions and cultivate imaginative expression.

Detailed Description of Conduct of Course

The course will begin with drawing assignments that build on the basic skills of observation and the use of line, texture, tone and space. From here, the student will go on to work independently on assigned projects that encourage the development of a personal vision in drawing. Projects will involve the use of a variety of mediums and techniques, and call for experimentation and exploration of the drawing medium. The final project will required the creation of drawings based on subject matter of the student’s choice. Some lecture/slide material will introduce students to a range of drawing styles, expressive techniques and other skills used by professional artists. All students will be expected to participate in class critiques based on skill development and the establishment of personal goals for drawing and art.

Student Goals and Objectives of the Course

Students in this class will:

Demonstrate skilled use of a range of 2- dimensional media in the creation of works of art
Demonstrate technical and expressive mastery of drawing through the production of finished drawings in a variety of media and techniques
Develop and practice the ability to critique their own work as well as that of others

Assessment Measures

Finished works will be assessed in terms of the number of works completed, the quality of works based on the use of elements of design and composition, creative problem solving and time spent on assignments. Class participation will be part of the assessment.

Other Course Information

Betty Edwards, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain
Howard J. Smagula, Creative Drawing
Kimon Nicolaides, The Natural Way to Draw

Review and Approval

February 15, 2012